The Bategg story
By:Jun-kyu Kim

Far far away, in Egg dam city there was a Bategg, real name that my dead parents named me, is Bruisegg Egg wein and it is pretty cool name.I’m male, age 22 years old. I have special and cool eye color. Its color is “Blue-brown” and I am billionare!! I have talking vampire bat as pet. My city is great. But there’s many bad guy out there.I’ve finished studying in everything and fight last two years ago. Because I’m really smart like little genius.Haha.Okay. Here’s my Fantastic story. My story begins 12 years ago. My parents both killed by brigand so badly.After that happened, I’ve disappeared quickly to Egg malaya, Egg sia when I was 12, I learned how to make enemies feel scary,how beat my own scary, how to move like ninjas. When I was 18, I came home and learned more math,science, and physics. At 21, I started to doing my “Bat plan” that plan was I had talked with my bat. He said, “It is great” like a hungry guy. Now, I am Bategg, I make scare to bad guys. Last week, I fought against “Egg and”. Egg and is really bad guys in Egg dam city, because they are biggest mafias. The result was , I couldn’t beat them all, but I could jail the boss.I went to their boss’s room and hide quietly. When the boss came in without his guard, I got him really easy like he was a weak guy. But, I thought I got him so easily and this bossy “Boss” never do that stupidly thing . It was a trap! I’ve knock him down like boxer and ran out, but I had 2 shots on my leg and my arm but that could not make me serious damage.But I couldn’t re attack them so I just go home silently. However, The good thing is, I’ve got him in jail yesterday!How I feel great!So, the “Egg and” had its end by the justice like all criminals, and I’m secret hero now!

Happily ever After.It might be...

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