Commercial Alternative Financing

You can get as much money as you need from a bank as long as you can prove you don't need it, otherwise you may need our services.

Typical Client Profile

Any company or individual that is unable to secure commercial financing through traditional sources, particularly if funding needs are immediate. Some examples are developmental stage companies, companies with historical and/or current losses, companies with negative net worth or tax liens, companies in Chapter 11, healthy companies that need a more aggressive lender who will provide a larger credit facility and companies where the principals have poor credit. Individuals who have poor credit or limited capital to make an acquisition of a commercial property or an operating business may also find help through our lenders.

We arrange senior and sub debt commercial financing for companies and individuals that cannot obtain adequate bank financing.

We can arrange for 100% project financing with no debt service required, as the funding source participates in profits of the project going forward, for domestic and international projects of $1,000,000 up to $500,000,000. This type finance structure has certain minimum liquidity requirements to be maintained by the borrower as well as a 30% to 40% equity give up in the project.

In today'™s economy where many find bank financing difficult to continue with, we are also able to help qualified owners of apartment buildings, shopping centers, hotels and any other investment property that has good cash flows refinance out of their existing mortgage WITHOUT A PERSONAL GUARANTEE, WITH RATES AS LOW AS 3.5% PER ANNUM AND LTV'S OF UP TO 80%.

Types of Funding

  1. Real estate financing
  2. Loan guarantees
  3. International real estate
  4. Conventional factoring
  5. Asset based loans
  6. Funding for healthcare providers
  7. Equipment financing
  8. Equity participation
  9. Letter of credit financing
  10. Mezzanine financing
  11. Film financing
  12. Acquisition financing
  13. Cash flow loans
  14. 100% financing for domestic construction loans of $20 MM+
  15. 100% International Project Financing
  16. Land loans
  17. Small construction bridge loans
  18. Secured bridge financing
  19. Purchase order financing

Questions and Answers:

  • Are there any œupfront fees? No. We will review and analyze the borrowers loan request at our expense and then seek to find an appropriate lender to provide the requested funding. Only after this process and only if we are able to provide a specific proposal based on the representations made by the borrower will we present the borrower with a proposal and fee agreement wherein the borrower will decide if they want to retain us.
  • How much will the retainer be? The retainer fee is $2,500 and is REFUNDABLE if we fail to perform as agreed. On transactions over $25 million the retainer is generally $5,000.
  • What about the closing fee?
    The retainer is credited against the closing fee, which typically will be between 1 and 5 points. A small transaction of $100,000 would generally warrant a 5-point fee while a large transaction of $100,000,000 would typically call for a 1 point fee. A $3,000,000 loan amount might require a 2-point fee, however if the loan were for an acquisition our fee might be increased to 3-points. Each transaction is slightly different and therefore will be dealt with accordingly.
  • What about references? We will provide you with a recent copy of our Better Business Bureau report. After 20 years in business we are very proud of our record and will also send you selected tombstones of over $100,000,000 in loans we have arranged financing for. The borrower can also investigate us through Dun & Bradstreet, a national credit-reporting agency.
  • Who are these lenders we represent? There are several hundred funding sources that we represent including standard asset based lending companies but the underlying similarity of all of these sources is that they will fund transactions that traditional lenders such as banks will not fund. Often we will need to combine two or more lenders on a project to provide the necessary funding.

Keep in mind that because we are not a direct lender but rather a clearinghouse for hundreds of different lenders and funding sources we offer a great advantage to the commercial borrower.

In conclusion a commercial borrower dealing with Aletheia Management and it's national clearinghouse partner has a one stop shopping opportunity where we analyze their financing need and then arrange the best funding available based on the lowest interest rate available, maximum loan amount and the least onerous collateral requirements based on the particulars of their funding request. We can only provide the best proposal available, given our universe of funding sources and will always suggest that if the borrower can find a better deal they should take it.

Provide your name, email and a brief description of the project needing funded and contact information. I look forward to serving you and assisting in the funding of your project.