Lending is Always Ethical with SGE Loans

Since their inception in 2011, SGE Loans has worked hard to make themselves known as a leading loan broker in the UK. Ethical lending is a priority for them and they ensure that the loans they arrange for customers are fair, by carefully choosing the lenders that they work with. In order to work with SGE Loans, a lender needs to follow the regulations that the Information Commissioner’s Office, the European Consumer Directive, the Consumer Act and the Office of Fair Trading have set up.

The company can often find an appropriate lender with a good rate even for customers who have a poor credit history and are refused by other lenders. Customers can access their services over the phone or through their website. When working with their broker, customers can expect a friendly and professional demeanor. The process begins with a broker taking all of the necessary information in order to select the best type of loan for the customer. These brokers are careful to use clear-cut language when describing the options to each customer in order to ensure that there is no confusion. The next step is for the broker to check their database for the loan options that have the best repayment terms. Once loan terms have been agreed to, the customer can expect to get their money quickly, sometimes in as little as an hour.

The strong ethics evident in their business practises extends to their strong belief in giving back to the community. Because their offices are located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, SGE Loans and their parent company, SGE Group, chose to become involved in the Leeds Community Foundation. This foundation works to address community needs by connecting successful individuals and businesses to grassroots projects within the community. Through their parent company, they were the first corporation to use a Payroll Giving Scheme, which allows the employees to donate to the Leeds Community Foundation out of their paycheck pretax. A £10 donation only costs the employee £8. In addition to the Payroll Giving Scheme, SGE Group management decided to match its employee donations and set a goal for 2013 of £10,000.

From the lenders they work with, to their business practices, and finally their community relationship, SGE Loans is always ethical.