The Emerald Isle

Day one

After listening music and playing card in the bus, we're finally on the boat. We first decided to explore it. The ship is really huge and their is all kind of commodities, like a cinema, a restaurant, and a shop where I bought an expensive Irish flag - I found the same in Dublin two days later half price ! Then Arthur, Julien, Nessim, Matthieu and I tried to play a card game that I'd created - it was a bit strange, I'd to improvise some rules during the game. In the evening, there have been an awesome party, I was unchained and then congratulated (international reputation !), but the dance exhausted me so much that I felt asleep the head on my textbook !

Day two

At the breakfast, Nessim and Matthieu were so sick that they couldn't eat anything. Apparently, the Cocculine (their medication) didn't worked...

We played to hide'n'seek and Hugo was my teammate, the atmosphere was very frightening, there was nobody in the deck and we heard the storm outside. The littlest sound made us running away - and the crew gave us odd glances. On the other hand, we discovered at a moment that the seekers gave up the party like twenty minutes ago and that we were hiding for nothing !

When we met our family, Nessim, Hugo (our surprise roommate) and I immediately thought that we had the jackpot. And we were right ! They were really nice, had the greatest house of the neighborhood and an Xbox ! Anshan's (our hostess) mother was French teacher, and herself studied in Lyon, and his father was Gaelic football champion. Our host was called Hugo, like our friend, and was businessman. Ashan, her, was trainer. They had two little children and one dog.

In the evening, we saw Daredevil in English at the TV. It was no so difficult : we predicted everything !

Day three

In the morning we went to a port. It was like the other ones that I knew, but there were sea lions ! Another impressive thing were a lot of seagulls tried to catch fish in a transport truck : I immediately thought about The Birds of Hitchcock ! However it wasn't frightening thanks to the good atmosphere and the rainbow.

The National Museum of Ireland in Dublin was quite interesting, I have been particularly impressed by bog bodies. There was an awesome music band too outside, but we had to go before they perform Wake me up. In the afternoon we played Gaelic sports. Gaelic football was especially difficult, and I got bored a bit because I was defender in a very efficient team during the great match. However, I really enjoyed hurling, even if I'm not very good at this sport.

And then, when we were coming back home... the disaster happened ! I knew were the house of the family was, but Hugo and Nessim didn't trust me. Hugo made scouting, leaving us without any address or phone number. We waited for him. We waited for him longer. "One more minute, and I'll go back home", I announced to Nessim. When we were doing so, Nessim finally following me, a car stopped near us. It was Hugo (our friend) and Anshan !

Day four

"The Abbey of Something as been founded by St Thingy in this year, and his disciple St Stuff, that himself founded the town called like him, build the extension of the monastery..."

You can easily guess that the explanations about the Glendalough abbey were not the thing that interested us the best. I found the film was too much informative and the off voice a bit monotonous. I even got interested in the use of round towers and why the St Kelvin... uh, no Kevin church of the monastery was only made of stone. Even the roof was not made with tiles ! Another interesting thing was that this monastery is totally different that french one's. The graveyard was inside it, so some pupils felt uncomfortable. It didn't disturbed me : I could eat or rest in it, no problem. I think that fearing dead people is not a way to respect them.

After lunch, we made an awesome hike in the mountains. It was kind of hard to climb, especially for Hélène (she's asthmatic), so Hugo took her bag to help her to climb (nice !). However, our efforts have been awarded : the landscape was just amazing, beautiful ! It was kind of a mix of Alps' and Brittany's ones, but power ten ! The lake, the trees... everything was extreme, especially the wind ! Fortunately, we didn't get wet.

In the evening, we went play soccer. I shoot in the ball and throw it behind a big fence. I proposed : "Let find an entry !". Hugo answered : "No, I'm gonna climb.". Sadly it was too dangerous to climb. Hugo tried but feared to get hurt at the last moment. Finally we found an entry to this park, and brought the ball back.

Day five

At monday we went to Andy and Helen's Farm. We did many things there, like baking bread, milking cows or playing Irish drums. A part of the activities was a little bit déjà vu, like Irish traditional dancing or hurling. The hurling was optional but I even did it again, because it was raining and I wanted to live the TRUE GAELIC EXPERIENCE !

When we were going to the bog, we sang a great custom song with Andy in his farm truck :

Everywhere we go

People always ask us

Who we are

Were do we come from

And we always answer

We're from Lille

Mighty Mighty Lille !

And if they can't hear us

We'll sing a bit louder !

And so on...

At the bog, Samson and Jeremy played and ran in the peat. They didn't think about consequences... Twenty minutes after, they had to wash with horse's brush (their were no showers) ! Poor of them !

Day six

For our last day in the family, Hugo (our friend) had the idea to make a nice family picture. We thanked Ashan and Hugo (the father) with waffles from Lille.

More than four free time hours in a neighborhood full of shops, it's deadly for wallets. I spent an excessive amount of money in gifts or food, and even brought a Lego ! Some people like Thibault or Julien even spent their whole euros !

The National Gallery was cool, I liked some pictures very much but I can't remember their authors...

We began then the treasure hunt. Hugo wanted at first to take his time (the park was really cool and relaxing...), and Nessim was very worry and wanted to go faster. Those two were never agreeing ! Going out the green, we met Hélène, Amélie and Enora and merged. Hugo helped us a lot in our quest, asking questions to young pretty Irish women. With all the relics that we brought back, we won, and I've now an awesome Hurling stick exhibited in my bedroom !

After a misunderstanding, I lost Hugo. Saving the Private Rio ! His phone was dead, he didn't knew the city... He roamed in the city during two long hours and finally found somewhere to charge his phone.

Day seven

Hum... I slept ? The boats were great, I particularly liked eating a delicious fish&chips in the panoramic restaurant !

Iarfhocal (Epilogue)

I found this trip so amazing, thank you teachers so much to have organised it ! I perhaps didn't speak English a lot (except with the family), but I had a lot of fun, learned a lot of things and met many people ! Special mention too to Sylvain, who livened things up in the bus ! Slán leat !