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Cool things to know about Canada!

  1. Canada has the second most amount of total land area in the world, at 3,855,100 sq mi!
  2. Canada has a relatively small population, at 34.88 million (2012)
  3. Most of the population, 3/4, live in the southern most part of the country!
  4. Toronto is home to 1/12 of Canada's population but contains 1/4 of its immigrants!
  5. about 60 % of Canada population likes along the shore of the st. Lawrence river and the great lakes.
  6. Canada was invaded twice by the U.S., once in 1775 and again in 1812!
  7. Canada has the worlds longest shoeshine, at 202,080 km
  8. The Big Nickel in Sudbury, Ontario is the world’s largest coin. It is a huge reproduction of a 1951 Canadian nickel and measures 9 meters in diameter.

This is some of Canada's many attractions and there flag!

By:Brian Renfro and Dilan Miemietz

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