Leslie Pratch

President and CEO With Pratch & Company, Professional Services

About Leslie Pratch

As President and Chief Executive Officer of Pratch & Company, Leslie Pratch heads an organization that helps businesses identify and develop high-level executives with outstanding leadership qualities. Using her company's ACTIVE COPING ASSESSMENT (SM) System, she works to assess the psychological elements that underpin the success -- or failure -- of high-achieving business executives. The predictive accuracy of Leslie Pratch's system exceeds 98 percent. Her model for predicting leadership was empirically validated in a four-year longitudinal study.

Leslie Pratch works with senior executives, private equity investors, corporate directors, and entrepreneurs to evaluate the potential of those individuals to succeed in a particular role in a company. The standard method of predicting performance is to examine what executives have done in the past and is at most accurate half of the time. What makes Pratch's system of evaluation so accurate is its psychological realism. This quality allows her to predict how individuals will respond across a wide range of stressful situations.

Leslie Pratch developed the fundamentals of her system while undertaking her extensive education. She graduated from Williams College with a B.A. in Religion and continued her education at the University of Chicago, where she was awarded a Century Fellowship in the study of Human Development. While earning her Master’s degree, she consulted for the firm Anderson Worldwide. This consulting experience fueled her interest in working with businesses to identify and develop effective leaders.

After finishing her M,A., Leslie Pratch entered Northwestern University's doctoral program in clinical psychology. She simultaneously headed a study into personality predictors at the University of Chicago which would form the basis of the ACTIVE COPING ASSESSMENT (SM) System. After obtaining her Ph.D., Leslie Pratch furthered her business understanding by obtaining an MBA in Strategy and Finance from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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