Leslie McBeth

Teaching for Real Life

Welcome to my teaching portfolio.

I am a teacher at Greenwood College School in Toronto, where I aim to design experiences for students that allow them to become involved in their community while gaining life skills, knowledge, self awareness, and a sense of empathy. My teaching practice is grounded in my experience working for non-profit organizations, where I developed a passion for promoting civic engagement and an interest in urban issues, design, place-making, and human rights.

In addition to teaching, I act as the school’s Coordinator of Service Learning, organizing more than 200 students volunteering in a dozen different community service programs every week.

Outside of school, I work with other teachers as a Facilitator in Cohort 21, a professional development program for teachers in the Ontario Conference of Independent Schools. As a member of the Radical Education Research Collective (RERC), I exchange ideas with educators who believe the future of learning will be radically different. I am also a member of  the Steering Committee for the citizen’s advocacy group, People Plan Toronto, where I have the great pleasure of collaborating with other individuals and groups concerned with the future of the city and citizen involvement in the public process.

In my former life in New York City, I was an advocate for improving public space as part of the dynamic team at the Design Trust for Public Space. Prior to that, I spent time working with Franciscans International, a non-governmental organization in General Consultative Status with the United Nations in New York City and Geneva, Switzerland.