This is a graphically prettied up and media padded re-write of an Improvised "Should You Buy?" guide I wrote for Satellite Reign at the game's Community Pages on Steam. You can find the original transcript and conversation here.

Also please keep in mind the footage and imagery here are of the game's Alpha version and subject to change upon release in August.

I have been looking at this game called Satellite Reign, but I don't know if I should buy it or not, I wish there was SOMEONE out there to help convince me!

   Well guess what, Chummer? You're in luck! BlackHorse23 here, and it is my personal mission to help those deserving of throwing 30 dollars away towards a little game that I have plunked in 160+ hours on! Best part? I already have the right questions asked for you so you don't have to think too hard as you do it! Let's go!

"Do you like Cyberpunk as a genre?"

   If answered yes, then buy by default. No more questions, buy it now, or save up and buy it.

   Outside of Shadowrun series which I am just getting into, out of all the Cyberpunk games I have been collecting over the past year and a half, SR is not only re setting the genre standard by the same mind(s) that made it what it was in the 90s with Syndicate Wars, it is raising the bar in terms of quality and design while staying rooted to its inspirations. There are a few cyberpunk games coming out including AAA console versions, but as of right now for a comprehensive experience of cyberpunk Satellite Reign has all bases covered and just waiting for the world to discover and build on.

"Do you like tactical RTS games with an accessible learning curve that can go pretty deep in customization without overwhelming you with tons of minutia?"

   If yes, then buy it.

   SR is no XCOM by any means (Though I swear the infiltrater type character in XCOM2's trailer seems directly ripped from SR's class version) nor is it a full 4x rogue like tower blah blah that a lot of stat nerds including myself can enjoy- BUT what it loses in a lot stat tinkering it makes up in SPEED and there are plenty of upgrades and other abilities to choose from to actually create a pseudo turn base experience when the firefight gets heavy. I would def welcome more in depth elements in the future in terms of base building, economics, resource management, etc but as it is SR has enough to be forgiving to "Casual" players and rewarding to the grind monkey type. It's designed in a way where you can boot and play the game for 15 minutes or 72 hours straight while your spouse in the next room is filing divorce papers, and both offer the same consistency of enjoyment (though seriously don't do the 72 hour run).

"Where you that kid in the park sandbox with his Legos and toys who carefully would make a world and at the end go FWOOOM! RAAAAHHHH! and smash your carefully created world in an apocalyptic frenzy the only way a 6 year old demigod can bequeath?"

   If answered yes, then buy it.

   If answered no, or "lol, whut?" then never mind, you probably missed out on reading Calvin and Hobbes as a kid.

   If unsure of the question, click video below.

With [Mike] Disky[Lead Programmer of SR] confirming focus on mod support, SR has potential to have long lasting stay power for players who love emergent and sandbox type games like GTA and for Modder types who love Machinema, level design, character generation etc and so on. It's a digital Tinker Kit waiting for you to tap into its full power.

"Are you the type of person who can't go through the day without being a raging d##### if their breakfast is not procedurally generated?"

Same Map On Load?!!!! NERD HULK SMASH!!!!

    If answered yes, then wait for mod support or be ok with random reward generation.

   SR's city districts are beautifully made and alive in detail, but its not "Procedurally Generated"

   I see a trend in people obsessing over PG as something that makes or breaks the game, and while I appreciate the technological awesomeness and its use as a design tool, I feel at the end of the day its really an 8x8xn bump map pattern combo of the more or less the same thing. SR keeps the bump-mapping in (4x4)-n in the world framework but gives you the keys to make a wide combination of approach as a player. It would be cool if future content like billboards, and user art or music can be procedurally fed through the engine but its not going to be what you will be seeing anytime soon.

"Are you Morally opposed to violence or any satirical takes on our current global trajectory as a species represented in its inevitable extremes?"

If answered yes, I am honored to meet a member of Australia's Parliament, and would suggest not buying the game. Or thinking thoughts. Because this game like all games is bad baad baaad!

"Do you have adverse reactions to Neon?"

If answered yes then buy the game and use your monitor to de-saturate your screen and up the brightness so everything is a greyish brown hue with overblown bloom.

With enough Adobe Suite tinkering and masochistic self loathing, EVERYTHING can look like a Gears of War game!

"Do you hate, absolutely HATE anything Sci-Fi or cyberpunk, or cant get through a game without some Orks and Sigil wards?"

If answered yes don't buy it, if desperate for orks, see Shadowrun.

"Are you ready for or have been waiting for a moment to exact Coldhearted, symbolic, spiritually cathartic revenge against Gaming Mega Corps and Publishers who eat the creative tears of their hirees after gutting them of their work and then vomit out soulless iterations of their intellectual property with complete disregard for what made them what it was knowing they will still make money to drink tears for another day? And are you ok with the possibility of this act of vengeance paving T3h way for a possible future mega corps monsters from the ashes of the old repeating an endless Saturnalian cycle?"

If yes, welcome to the Resistance/Coup/Black Op code-named Project: Satellite Reign. Now go throw some money at 5 talented Australians already.