How can I Tackk?

Tackk is an incredibly simple application that both teachers and students can use to share any and everything they know with the world! Let's investigate just how easy teachers and students can use Tackk to atTACKK the world (one Tackk at a time, lol).

What makes Tackk Special?

How simple is Tackk to use?

How can teachers use Tackk?

The best way to understand how teachers can use Tackk, well is to use it! It's super easy to use, extremely versatile to suits your needs for just about anything where you want to explain well, anything and sooo interactive! And I guess I'll through it that the leg work (picking colors, fonts, etc) is available but simplified so you don't have to rack your brain on what to decide. Check out a few other ways teachers can use this on the Tackk EDU page!

How can students use Tackk?

Imagine, you give an assignment and you want your students to submit it to you quickly, descreetly, and you can leave feedback immediately. How does this sound? Well add it,

  • It's a Google App/Chrome App!
  • You can use Single Sign on Advantage
  • You can have them make it private, so only you can view it!
  • How about adding a Hashtag to the tackks so you can search them or
  • Even naming a tackkboard (MrsBrownsclass1) so you can get all assignments in one handy dandy location!

Students can have free reign in a Tackk to use any of the embedded media options where they can add, PPTs, Videos, Gifs, photos, sound, music, Thinglinks and more to get their point across, justify their viewpoints, summarize books and more!

Here are a few of my Favorite Tackks:

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