Surreal & Inferred

How did I make the theme my own?

I wanted to merge my photograph of the moon and of my hands together to make it look like my hands were reaching for the moon.

What do I like about my photo?

I like that my photo is abnormal and weird but in an interesting way.

What would I change about my photo?

I would want to make my right hand not blend into the black background.

What actions did I run and what did I do with these actions?

I merged the two photographs together and used the action infraRed.

What did I use to take my photo?

Nikon D3200

What photo from last week do I think is the best and why?

My favorite photograph from last week's theme of Oil and Water was Jenna Alstad's picture. Her editing did a nice job enhancing the color of the dye in the glass bottle.

The first picture is before editing and the second picture is after editing using infraRed.