Wonder Character in the Spotlight: Justin

Characters Tie to Theme

I think Justin used to be lonely ,but learned he didn't have to be alone and could be in public more. Via also used to be lonely to ,but met Justin and together they did not feel as lonely "Mr. Mrs. Lonely". August also helped

Character Influences

The person I think effected Justine the most was Via. I'm quite certain that Justin effected Via the most to ,because they both were lonely and didn't have a lot of people willing to help in a way they helped each other to Not to feel ,so alone at times.

Art Representation

This picture not only represents Justin ,but Augusts family too. Now you guys might think I am crazy because they are not apart of the same family well he sort of is. You see Justin was alone ,lonely ,or some other word I didn't mention. Until Via started to date him in a way they helped him and via a lot without probably even knowing it. To me it could be considered a journey for Justin to meet such a great family ,so I guess what I'm trying to say is that it was a blessing to meet such a nice and caring family.

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