Lewis Barbe: Experienced, Qualified and Trusted Safety Engineer

Board guaranteed Safety Engineer Lewis Barbe keeps up an abnormal state of standing and regard inside of the field of expert designing, having held and performed well in various positions for a wide range of organizations all through his extensive profession. He has likewise kept up long-lasting participation and association in such expert associations as the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers, the American Society of Safety Engineers and that's just the beginning.

Lewis Barbe has appreciated the chance to both offer and give quality designing counseling administrations in a mixed bag of expert settings, most prominently inside of parts of the lawful group. An accomplished master witness who has given master affirmation in various mischance examination cases, Barbe's confirmation has been a critical, maybe even pivotal part, in various case results, including a recompense to one offended party that aggregate a little more than 31 million dollars.

As an accomplished master witness, Lewis Barbe sees exactly how imperative master confirmation, and witnesses, can be over the span of a prosecution and/or examination, and that this affirmation is frequently an integral figure an effective or not really fruitful result. With numerous years of industry experience and skill, Barbe has given the confirmation that was required for juries to focus both the reason and the dependable gatherings for a mixed bag of genuine mishaps, one reason he keeps on being looked for after by numerous all through the expert legitimate field.
At whatever point procured to execute as a specialist witness, Barbe acknowledged and set up practices for both episode or mishap reproduction, those that have been companion tried, audited and are both reasonable and fair.