Lexi Scholl

Welcome To My Mesopotamia Tackk On This Website YOull Learn All About The Religous People Known  As The Sumerians (Sum-er-ians)Like Hamurabies Code , Irrigation,And Even There Art/Culture .


This Is A Map Of Mesopotamia A Region Between The tigris And Eurphates Rivers .

                                                              Hamurabi's Code

Have Your Ever Heard That Saying Written In Stone ? Well This Is Literally Written In Stone! Hamuabi Wrote A List Of 282 Laws To Follow Called Hamurabi's Code So he could keep more organized these laws made people understand what to do and what not to do so one said "a eye for eye, a life for life. Meaning if you killed someone you Die.But There Were A few Exeption "Social Classes' so say your a slave and you get killed that person wouldnt probally have to die . But If You kill a rich/important person YOU DIE , thats how unfair that system could be.

                                                          All About Irrigation

Irrigation Was A System Mesopotamia Technically Invented .It Was A System Were They Kinda Made A Path From The Water To The Crops And So Forth.This Made It Easier Then Just Going Back And Forth Giving The Crops Water. It Gave Them A Reason To Settle Down Were They More ANd Not Migrate.

                                                           THE WHEEL

The Wheel Was Defianetly A Advanced Peace Of Technallogy , it lead to the car the bike and even you may not think the boat ! The Wheel was invented by mistake by the sumerians,sumerians didnt plane for it to be as big as it is currently is they used the wheel but did you know they used it for there crops ? The Would Move The Wheel Back And Forth Down Like The Crops Dirt Before They Planted To Make A Thick Area For The Crops It Was Useful In Many Differnt ways.