Alexis Dominguez - Da Vinci Robotic System

The fact that robots are doing surgeries proves that we live in a time where science fiction is now every day. Alexis Dominguez is specially trained in minimally invasive surgery and the Da Vinci Robotic System. Dominguez explains the surgery as such, “The surgery is performed robotically. We enter the abdomen with a trocar, which is essentially a sheath, which allows us to place the instruments, via the trocars. We use one trocar in the umbilical site and then some accessory points about the area. It helps us triangulate a visual field so that we are able to see everything in 3-D. We have a better visualization of the procedure and the actual anatomy around the area. A better visualization of the pelvis and the structures that are within the pelvis.”

Interestingly enough, the Da Vinci Robotics System can actually reduce the recovery time for a patient and leave less scaring. The surgical procedure hysterectomy, the removal of the uterus, can be done completely by the robotics system. The time to recover is anywhere between four and six weeks, which is a bit shorter than a conventional surgery.

Although we have yet to reach a point where robots can perform all surgeries with minimally invasive techniques, there is still hope for the future. With physicians like Alexis Dominguez, who happily serves the Miami, Florida where he grew up, that are specifically trained in minimally invasive surgeries and the Da Vinci Robotic System, surgical patients are safe in the hands of these physicians.

Alexis Dominguez

Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques

Alexis Dominguez is a physician who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology. He provides his special services for the patients of the medical office of Cardella, Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Urogynecology in Miami, Florida. The training that Alexis Dominguez offers is top of the line and highly rated by many of his patients. The rating that he has received in many areas is higher than the United States national average for physicians. Alexis Dominguez enjoys being able to provide some of the highest quality of care to the patients in the community that he grew up in.

When speaking about minimally invasive surgical techniques and procedures, Alexis Dominguez has nothing but good things to say, “With the advent of robotic surgery and not just robotic but minimally invasive surgery as a whole, I think in our specialty we are offering the patient a less invasive form of obtaining procedures that are commonly performed now. Days with results that are equal, if they are not better, to what the standard of care currently is with added benefits such as less pain, fewer days in the hospital, and operative days in the hospital. Patients tend to go home twenty-four hours after the surgery for the most part, and they do very, very well.”

Alexis Dominguez sings the praises of the da Vinci Robotic System, a minimally invasive surgical technique that he is trained in because there has been great success. With this type of technique, there are great benefits for the patient, and what benefits the patient is exactly what the highly rated professional, Alexis Dominguez, wants to provide.

Going Fishing with his Family

Alexis Dominguez is an angler. An angler is someone who likes to fish, specifically with a rod and a line. Though there is no word for people who like to fish with their families, if there was a word, it too would describe Alexis Dominguez. The family man loves to spend time with his loved ones going on adventures, having the time of their lives creating memories out on a boat in the middle of open water. It’s the memories and joy that Alexis Dominguez loves to have with his family. Whenever the opportunity arises, and living in the peninsula state of Florida, there are often opportunities arising for fishing, Alexis Dominguez and his family go out fishing and have fun for the whole family.

One of the places where Alexis Dominguez likes to take his family fishing is the Amelia Earhart Park. Though there are many places to fish in Florida, in fact, a person can pull off the road and dip their line into the canals off the side of the highways if they would like, this park is special to Alexis Dominguez and his family. Amelia Earhart Park is one of the largest water-based resources in the state of Florida. Sitting on a five hundred and fifteen acre park, the park provides five freshwater lakes for guests from around the world to come and enjoy. This Miami, Florida park is a favorite amongst many anglers, including the likes of Alexis Dominguez, a physician with a family.

Alexis Dominguez

Alexis Dominguez - Minimally Invasive Surgery

Medical sciences are constantly changing, and the methods that doctors have used throughout history are continuing to become obsolete. The mission, in every medical field, is to optimize the way that patients are given care, taking note of new procedures and discontinuing those that are no longer beneficial. A living example of this transition into more productive measures comes from the integration of minimally invasive surgical strategies.

Apart from pharmaceuticals and/or external casts, certain situations leave doctors with no choice but to make incisions into the body. Surgery has evolved into an incredible branch of medical performance, turning life-threatening circumstances into low-risk options for patients. Minimally invasive surgery acts to further this safety, by planning the incisions to be mere millimeters in width, using the art of precision to make things more comfortable for the patient.

This strategy is growing in popularity in the medical community, and some surgeons have even specialized in minimally invasive surgery techniques in their field to better improve the recovery time and quality of their patients’ visit. Alexis Dominguez, an OB/GYN from Miami, promotes this method of surgery to his patients, due to the sensitivity of the area that he works in. This gives both him and his patients the ability to better collaborate, making the overall experience streamlined and easy. And while gynecology is not the only medical subject benefitting from this new method, it is allowing parents to feel safer about other medical options concerning their children, where the significance of a single surgery can be heavy. With the constant advancement of today’s technology, the patients under care will begin to see increasingly more satisfying ways to sustain their health.

Precision - Martial Arts and Medical Arts

There are two very common practices that require the utmost accuracy to ensure success. In these lifestyles, form and repetition is key, and one mistake can be the difference between a success and failure. The comparison between martial arts and that of a surgeon is scarily similar, and the common need for absolution could lead to a better career as a doctor.

The techniques and strategies that are used in fighting depend largely on positioning, timing and the ability to think on one’s feet. This range of versatility increases aptitude in stressful situations and promotes resolve when unexpected events occur, because when the target approaches, the fighter doesn’t know how to size up the opponent until the situation has been properly reacted to. The magnification of hand-eye-coordination makes each movement count, because in a time of life or death, nothing must be miscalculated.

Similar to the concept in martial arts, the life of a patient is in the hands of the doctor, and one slip can lead to the loss of a life. Medical professionals must be keen to act quickly upon any event that happens during surgery, and they must be clear-minded enough to make productive decisions. Alexis Dominguez, a Board Certified OB/GYN Physician, regularly practices martial arts in his free time. The repetition of technical skills during sessions enables his career as a specialized minimally invasive gynecology surgeon to thrive. He uses martial arts as a way to ease stress from work while building essential skills required of a surgeon.

Alexis Dominguez

What Does it Take to Be an OB/GYN ?

Short for Obstetrics and Gynecology, this medical profession involves work with women and their sensitive parts, as well as the process that they take during pregnancy. This profession is heavily demanded, and according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, OB/GYN’s and other physicians are expected to increase by 18% in the next decade. These specialized individuals require much training to get the opportunity to work at hospitals, and even more experience under their belt to get their own patient care clinic. What is the process that a student in medical school must take to become an OB/GYN?

The four years of medical school and residency time are not enough to accomplish the criteria needed to be the prime OB/GYN. The involvement that these physicians have with the public, and the intimacy that they must have with their patients requires that they be excellent socially, and must have the ability to tend to many different kind of situations. During residency, these professionals must find an interest in critical thinking during their medical training, and have the ability to research heavily on their intended specialization.

This career also involves dealing with patients of all ages, and having the skill to perform exams and surgeries that can be versatile to their age. Alexis Dominguez, a Board Certified OB/GYN, specializes in minimally invasive surgery techniques, which allows him to better operate surgeries on adolescents.

Alexis Dominguez

Finding the Difference - Sigma Phi Epsilon

There are many Greek organizations on college campuses that represent the wrong things, and don’t allow its members to grow personally or professionally. This unfortunate series of events has led to the many infamous reputations on college campuses. While many of these organizations can be included, Sigma Phi Epsilon differentiates itself as one of “virtue, diligence, and brotherly love,” according to their website. They set themselves apart by teaching their college students a different view of how it should be taken, in the hopes that their brotherhood takes its members to more opportune avenues.

Their mission of “Building Balanced Men” goes much deeper than one would think. What does it mean to be a balanced individual? The path to this accomplishment requires their Cardinal Principles, upon which their community is built to create leaders that are humble; yet confident, precise; yet open-minded and dedicated; yet patient. This balance is what the organization is attempting to achieve, working to create successful individuals that build teamwork through their network and create a community that is destined towards improvement.

Members of the Sigma Phi Epsilon organization have gone on to produce great careers for themselves. One member, Alexis Dominguez, pursued his career in medical school at the University of Miami, and has since grown his reputation as a favored OB/GYN and minimally invasive gynecology specialist across Florida. This competitive medical career could only be achieved by a man of resolve and commitment, traits that can always be found by a Sigma Phi Epsilon gentleman.

The Mind of a Successful Surgeon

Thousands of college students attempt the journey of medical school, but many fail to make the mark, and even more people accept only the lowest levels of success, leaving their careers to be mediocre. Doctors can be brought from all over the world, but only the best of the best can reach the level of performance that it takes to make a great surgeon. These scholars go above and beyond the reach of medicine and pursue advancements in their field and excellence in their residency, with the goal of acing medical school only one of many.

Surgeons have a far different mindset than the majority of attendees in medical school. Three of the most obvious traits include powerful critical thinking, decision-making, and problem solving skills, enabling them to perform well in the stress of surgery, even under high pressure. These are the attributes that allow their precision to display their reputation for them, while using their adept knowledge of the body to properly decide the right courses of action.

However, though technical skills are a very important part of a surgeon’s mind, one of the most essential pieces to the puzzle lies in how their passions drive their careers. Most surgeons go well beyond expectations because they love what they do, and have a commitment to serve their patients with absolute care. Alexis Dominguez, a Board Certified OB/GYN Physician, is dedicated to providing compassionate care to all of his patients, a mission that has served him well out of the University of Miami’s College of Medicine. Because of this mindset, he received three different honors awards in his clerkships, and even received an award for his specialty in Minimally Invasive Surgery. This passion for medical sciences identifies those with true surgical potential.

Alexis Dominguez