Wonder character in the spotlight : via
by : Lexi

character tie to the theme

The theme that Via learned about was forgivness . For example, Miranda was ignoring her at the beging of school.  At the end Miranda and Via were frends again.  She also had to forgive August when they were eating diner and she got mad at him. She learned that you should be nice to people rather than to be mean to people.

character influences

Justin impacted via the most because when she was sad she would always have him around to help her overcome what she was sad about. Via impacted Justin when he said he cant do the main part on the stage and she belived in him and made him belive.                                        

Art represention

This painting is called I Wonder . John Rowe is the artist . I picked this painting because it remided me of when August Via's brother was at school. While Via was at home with her mom . Via was having frendship problems and there is a notic to note . She had to ask do I want my  mom to know about me and Miranda? that was a though question. When she finnaly decides to tell her mom August gets in the way like always. What I  mean by that is when ever Via has problems they push her away so they can get to August.

Character Analysis  Video