Modern Warfare in World War 1

The mordernized weapons that had been introduced during the World War One changed the way war was fought. Some of the weapons were denmmed immoral and impractical. These weapons changed the whole idea of war.

Poison Gas

Poison Gas was used to kill a large group of soldiers without having any contact with them. To prevent inhaling the poison gas soldiers wore gas mask to protect their face. Poison gas was usually drop by planes and was usually stored in large canisters. The gas cause blisters and blindness. Some men even choked to death.

Machine Guns

A machine gun was used in World War One as a faster way to shoot the enemy. The machine gun allows for a faster fire and a easier way to load ammo. The soldiers would lay flat on the ground and be able to reload without having to worry about time. The machine guns caused many deaths and modernized the way war was fought.


A tank is an armored vehicle that was also introduced during World War I by the British. It is a vehicle that runs on two chained wheels that allows it to cross almost any surface. It is a heavy duty vehicle that can take out almost anything in its path. With guns on top and people inside, it changed how warfare was carried out because now there was a moving monster that could kill the enemy.

Submarines (u-boats)

The u-boat or submarine was introduced by the German to fight against the British and there strong navy. The boat was designed to be completely submerged and be able to be undetectable be enemies when cross enemy line. The submarine contained missiles that could be shot out a take out an enemy ship.

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