Income Tax Project
By Katrina Songco

Married filing Jointly Piecewise Function

Careers choices and Income

Registered nurse:

A registered nurse is one of the top 10 jobs with the largest occupation growth. RN’s provide patient care and educate about health condition. RN’s must need to have a bachelor’s degree in nursing, an associate’s degree in nursing, or a diploma from a accredited nursing program. With these, RN’s are required to be licensed to practice. Registered Nurses who work for 5 years earn about $61,300 yearly

Civil Engineer:

Civil engineers design, construct, and oversee building projects. They improve and protect the environment that us humans live in. To become a civil engineer, one must work for a degree in civil or structural engineering. Civil Engineers who work for 5 years earn about $115,589.


An anesthesiologists very skilled doctors who specialize in the field of anesthesiology. Anesthesiologists are firstly responsible in making sure the patient is safe before, during, and post surgery. By doing this, things an anesthesiologist must do include placing patients in a controlled unconscious state. To become an Anesthesiologist, one must complete a four year undergraduate degree which includes pre-med requirements. They must also receive four years of medical school. After completing a four year med-schooling, one must serve four years in a residency program. After all this, one is now able to test for the American Board of Anesthesiology exam. Anesthesiologists are highly skilled medical doctors, so it makes sense that they are getting paid big bucks. Anesthesiologists who work for 5 years earn about $350,982.

Career Piecewise Functions calculations

Registered Nurse

  • Makes $61,300
  • belongs to function f(x)= .15x  {18,150<x≤73,800}
  • Plug in 61,300 for x ; .15(61,300) = 9195
  • A Registered Nurse pays $9,195 on taxes

Civil Engineer

  • Makes $115,589
  • belongs to function f(x)= .25x {73,800<x≤148,850}
  • Plug in 115,589 for x ; .25(115,589) = 28,897.25
  • A Civil Engineer pays $28,897.25 on taxes


  • Makes $350,982
  • belongs to function f(x)= .33x {226,850<x≤405100}
  • Plug in 305,982 for x ; .33(305,982) = 115,824.06
  • An Anesthesiologists pays $115,824.06 on taxes


This project challenges us to apply Piecewise functions to real life examples. The tax brackets in filing income taxes are what were used to identify the domain restrictions. Depending on how much a person earns in income, they are taxed in different percentages.

The career choices I chose were a registered nurse, civil engineer, and an anesthesiologist. I chose these careers because they all widely differ in income, and they are all of career paths that interest me. I realized the the pro of earning so much in income is the fact that you earn so much, but the con is that you have to pay a lot more taxes than someone with a lesser career income.

Overall the project was a fun experience. I honestly didn't know that the more you make, the more taxes you end up paying. I feel like I put a lot of effort into this project by putting all the gathered info into a neat organized presentation. 40 weeks from now, I probably will for get about this project considering I'll still be in school learning new thing. 40 months from now I'll be thinking about the job I want out of life and will need to consider the amount of income I want to make and how that will affect the amount of tax I pay. 40 years from now, I will hopefully be settle down with the job that I love to do, and will be glad that I learned about income tax and how paying taxes work.

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