West Virginia

By:Trevor Dinh, Austin Kause, Alec Jo, and Emily Dugan

Percent of Ethic Population That Lives In Poverty

White: 92.5%

African-American: 3.6%

Hispanic: 1.5%

Asian: 0.8%

American Indian: .2%

Two or more races: 1.6%

Percentage of Household That Have Two Parents

51.7 percent of households are ran by two parents within the state of West Virginia.

Most Common Industry

Most common industry within West Virginia is industrial work such as mining.

News Reporter


Littleton, West Virginia is a town overridden by drugs and poverty. Everyone in this town is affected by it. There are no opportunities or jobs so people in the town turn to drugs, specifically heroin. Littleton is the poorest town in West Virginia, which also happens to be the second poorest state in the US. the average capital income is $6,036. In the past ten years the town has gotten worse, now it seems as if everyone is a drug addict. Drugs also bring crime to the town. Just recently in January of 2014 three people were found stabbed to death in a burning house. This community is in poverty because of the lack of opportunities and the presence of drugs.

Littleton, WV

Works of Charity


Mobile Outreach Food Pantry is a Catholic Organization that addresses the needs of the poor and low-income families in a six-county area. It's an organization that helps isolated communities in West Virginia that are classified as food deserts by the USDA. It brings much needed healthy food assistance and offers opportunities for families in these areas to improve their circumstances through direct service. As you can see in the picture below the people of the organization communicate with low-income families by traveling and acting in direct service, which makes it a works of charity.

Mobile Outreach Food Pantry
Suburb in West V

Works of Justice


ABLE Families is a nonprofit faith-based agency founded in 1995 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Wheeling. They help people caught in the net of poverty gain more control of their lives. They focus on women and children because they suffer most severely the effects of poverty.

They confront the systemic causes of poverty by supporting low-income families as they make positive changes in their lives. They have several programs such as in-home education, nutrition education, and adult education in order for the people in poverty to get a job to earn more money to thrive.

Logo for ABLE Families
Learning from Able

Catholic Response

http://www.dwc.org  http://www.catholicconferencewv.org/welfare_reform...



In response to the high rate of poverty throughout West Virginia, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Wheeling—Charleston has decided act through many types of actions such as providing hot meal services along with supporting policies that can combat poverty such as creating new jobs with just wages and benefits as well as encourage education policies to help others escape poverty. The diocese established the hot meal services every Wednesday at St. Francis Xavier Church. They also have a food assistance program which includes a mobile food pantry for hot meals. The WellnessWorks is also a program that promotes and encourages healthier lifestyles among families and individuals requesting food.

Hot Meals Provided by the Church and Diocese

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