How   to   Protect   your  Computer  from  Viruses

The    Story    Of    Computer   Viruses

If you do not know what a computer virus is then it would be in your best interest to stay.Computer Viruses often occur when you do stuff like click on ads when you are on Youtube or a game.Also it can occur if you click on stuff that asks for your personal information. The ads may look cool to you but they are made to look like that to trick you. That is a Trojan Horse.

One of the Ten Worst Computer Viruses #10 Melissa

One virus that was bad happened in the spring of 1999,it was called Melissa. David L. Smith was the mastermind of this.It spread through email messages. It also tempt recipients into opening a document with a email message like "Here is the document you asked for, don't show it to anybody else."

A virus on a computer is like you getting a cold.

5 Steps to avoid Computer Viruses

1.Download a Computer checking program or app

2. Do no click on ads you do not have any business of going on

3. Have a security on your computer so nobody can log into your personal stuff

4.Have a lock on your wifi so nobody can get into it because you do not know what they could do using your internet

5.Finally do not let a friend or anybody put their hard drive into your computer!!!!

Please Listen to These Steps and Don't Catch a Computer Virus!!

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