Put A Stop To Pollution; It Could Save Our Country

Don't throw your trash outside your car, wait to put it in a trashcan!

Soot found on ceilings of prehistoric caves provides strong evidence of the high levels of pollution. Pollution grows worse and worse every year.

               Everyone needs to stop throwing there trash outside of there car, windows, etc. They don't know the damage it can cause in the long run or where the trash will end up. Most of it ends up in our Earth's oceans. Plenty of the marine life die each year. Millions of people are killing our Earth this very instant. Tons of people have trash in there cars, so they just throw it out the window like it will just go away and doesn't cause any harm. When in fact it does. I don't know why a person can't just wait until their next stop to dumb there trash into a trashcan, where it will be disposed of properly.

                 I believe that my mission is important because I want our Earth to be a safe and healthy place to live on. I'm sure you don't want to live in a world full of trash? If not wait to throw your trash away, until you see a trashcan. That is what trashcans are for. Not for decoration. Make a difference.

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