Working Together Gets the job DONE!

Our VC Lesson idea is for our classes to collaborate to learn about stories from different cultures. We want our classes to focus on the story of the Little Red Hen and the story Manana Iguana. They will work to compare and contrast two similar stories.

Project Authors

Stephanie Harris: Budewig Intermediate, Alief ISD,
Jennifer Reynolds: Chancellor Elementary, Alief ISD,
Katie Gonzalez: Miller Intermediate, Alief ISD,
Lucinda Taylor: Miller Intermediate, Alief ISD,
Jolene Lanier: Youngblood Intermediate, Alief ISD,
Catherine Quinlan: Rockwell Elementary, Onondaga Central,

What are our stories?


Language Arts and Reading

Learner Outcomes

TLW: Compare and contrast the themes or moral lessons of several works of fiction from various cultures. (TEK 5.3A)

W.1.6. With guidance and support from adults, use a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including in collaboration with peers.

R.1.2. Retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of their central message or lesson.

how long is this going to take?

2 Meetings- 1st for introductions, 2nd for products

15 minutes- Classes will meet beforehand for a get to know you/test the system

Presentation 45/60 minutes


Get ready...

Get set...

The students will describe their areas or schools using a pic collage --2 days--1 day to brainstorm, 1 day to create collage.

The grade 1 students will contribute to the writing of another version of Manana Iguana and the The Little Red Hen using different characters and setting (eg. farm animals in a barn). They will create a big book to share with the older students.

Students will need to be familiar with the stories being read (Little Red Hen, Manana Iguana).

We will also need tablets to create the collages as well as whatever other materials the students decide they need for sharing the book or story. Students will also need to prepare their presentations in advance.

Video Conference Agenda

5th and 1st

5th/1st Grade Breakdown:
Class A: Lucinda Taylor
Class B: Stephanie Harris
1st Grade: Catherine Quinlan

5th/1st-30 minutes

Catherine will share both versions with her class and then her class will present their own version (possible big book)
Class A will present Little Red Hen
Class B will present Manana Iguana

Final 15 minutes share things you learned

5th AIMS

AIMS Breakdown:
Class A-Jennifer Reynolds
Class B-Katie Jo Gonzalez
Class C- Jolene Lanier
AIMS-30 minutes

Class A will get 10 minutes to present- Little Red Hen
Class B will get 10 minutes to present-Manana Iguana
Class C will “tie it all together”- 10 minutes to questions ask questions; facilitate discussion

Post Conference Activities
and Assessment

1st grade will be assess themselves using a reflective survey to think about what they learned and how they felt during the conference

The 5th grade students will take their learning to a Think Map and include a level 2 Frame of Reference question for the Think Map.

The Thinking Maps will be assessed according to individual teacher’s preferences. The big book that 1st grade creates will be assessed according to the teacher. First graders will use a rating chart to assess participation in the video conference.To assess the videoconference, each teacher will create their own rubric or survey form in eChalk


Classes will be ready to work together in the Fall- date TBD

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