Light Beer


The ad is trying to say that this beer ad is light and it doesnt have as many calories as the other beers have in it.This doesnt really target teens but if i would guess if it targeted them at all it would be something like if you drink this beer you won't gang as many calories as you normally would.And there for people at there school won't notice when or if they get a beer belly from drinking.The light bulb they are using isn't all the way full.So by that they are inferring that it is even lighter.And its a lighter colored beer.Lighter colored beers are have generally less calories in the beer.Francly i don't think this will work.It's to boring and it doesnt really say that much about it.Before this assigment i just thought teens when they wanted beer they either had what there parents had or got what they could get.And thats what i still think they do.But maybe for some people all you have to do is grab a puppy take a picture and put it on the front of a sign and people will think it's cute and buy the beer.

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