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What Does It Mean To Follow Your Passion?

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What approach do you have on living a life of passion? One of the surest ways to build a meaningful life is to understand "what is passion?" - the word comes from a Latin root 'pati'. The word pati does not have the meaning you think of when you think of passion that's for sure. Let's just ask ourselves this: How do you look at the world around you...are you looking to give or are you looking to get? Dig Deeper at Leadership Now.

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Enter Ministry Briefing. We'll save you time by delivering all the things you need to know about, all in a clear, concise format. Each Friday morning, we'll deliver around 50 current events, cultural shifts, trends in the church and more that you really should know about. Each story is condensed down to one paragraph... taking you just one minute to absorb all you need. And, if you want to drill down on specific stories that interest you, just follow the link to the full, original resource.

What will I find in this week's
Ministry Briefing?

In the November 25, 2013 edition, we've compiled 64 stories that every busy church leader should know about. This week, that includes:

TOPIC: Current Events and the Church

  • Snake Salvation Pastor Fights for Religious Liberty
  • First Book Ever Printed in America Auctioned in November
  • Churches Asked to Help Connect Citizens with Healthcare
  • Hayford's Seminary Relocates to Texas
  • Pastor Committed Suicide After Saving Man
  • It's Expensive to Build an Ark These Days
  • Pastor Arrested for Intent to Sell Pills
  • Public Schools Criticized for Partnering with Samaritan's Purse
  • Historian Accused of Misreading Statistics about College Students
  • Science Teacher Fired for Including Religion with Science Lessons
  • Teacher's Role in Public School Bible Study Challenged
  • Cheney Family Spat Clouds Senate Campaign for Liz
  • Successor to Chuck Smith Is Officially Voted In
  • Pastor Owned Property with Marijuana Store While Working for Police
  • Jobless Benefits Set to Be Cut in December
  • Church Robbed During Service
  • Liberty University Student Shot and Killed

TOPIC: Cultural Trends You Need to Know

  • Pastor Suggests Legalizing Marijuana in Crime Ridden Newark, NJ
  • Do You Live in One of the Ten Smartest Cities in North America?
  • Pastor Ministers Through Taxi Cab
  • New Graphic Shows Population Movement in U.S.
  • Partial Abortion Ban Blocked in Albuquerque
  • Fiction Label on Bible Alarms Costco Customers
  • Supreme Court Allows Texas Abortion Bill to Move Forward
  • Mormon City Named National Bible City

TOPIC: Denominational News

  • UMC Pastors Marry After Meeting at Conference
  • Dire Prediction for Christianity in Britain
  • Baptist Church Donates Property to New Church Plant
  • Women Will Elected Bishops in Church of England
  • Catholics Are More Multicultural in the US
  • Major Religions Share Common Views of End of Life Issues
  • UMC Pastor Defrocked for Officiating His Son's Wedding

TOPIC: Leadership & Development

  • Workplace Darwinism: Are You Up For The Evolution?
  • Keeping It Real - 200th Blog Post
  • Irrevocable Principle
  • The Three Toxic Stooges of The Project Apocalypse
  • The Philosophy of Failure
  • Countries Full of Mistrustful People Are Less Entrepreneurial
  • What Does It Mean To Follow Your Passion?
  • Ask a Great Leadership Development Question - Get a Free Book!
  • 9 Ways To Avoid A Meaningless Mission Statement

TOPIC: Personalities in the News

  • Mahaney Dropped from Conference
  • Kathie Lee Gifford Pays Tribute to Graham

TOPIC: Technology & the Church

  • Saudi Arabians Most Likely to Tweet
  • Females Dominate Snapchat User Base
  • Over Half of Twitter Users Come from 5 Countries

TOPIC: Trends in the Church

  • Christians Most Likely to Adopt
  • Protestants Support Path for Citizenship
  • Wycliffe Predicts Greater Access to Bible
  • Giving Levels Off According to ECFA

TOPIC: The Church Around the World

  • China Backs Away from One-Child Policy
  • Korean Pastor Stole Billions According to Elders
  • Christian Group Censored in UK
  • Typhoon in Philippines Especially Bad for Children
  • Church of North India Hits Hard Times
  • Typhoon in Philippines Draws Limited Attention and Donations
  • Australian Bishop Warns State to Not Force His Hand
  • Pastor Who Defended Jews Honored

TOPIC: Weird yet True

  • Twible Retells Bible Stories in Tweets

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