Sodium By: Filippo Calapai

Atomic Number=11

Symbol of Atom=Na

Element Name=Sodium

Atomic Mass of Element=22.990

Net Charge=0




Physical Properties

Color of sodium is Silver/White

Soft enough to be cut with a knife

Has a shine/glow when looking at it

Chemical Properties

Reacts explosively with Water

Combines with oxygen at room temperature

Reacts with acids to produce Hydrogen gas

State of Matter

Sodium is found as a solid in nature but is hard to find because it reacts with Oxygen so it is usually found as a compound with another element.

Phase Change

Turns into a gas at this temp Boiling point=1,621F (882.8C)

Turns into a liquid at this temp Melting point=207.9F (97.72C)

Uses of Sodium

Vapor is used in streetlamps produces yellow light.

Forms many useful compounds, Table salt (NaCl), Baking soda (NaHCO3), and Borax (Na2B4O).

Two fun facts of Sodium

Sodium is highly reactive with Water. The pure metal has to be kept under oil so it doesn't react with anything.

Room temperature Sodium you can cut with Butter knife.

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