This week the British game sales ranking FIFA15

First Fifa 15 again this Cheap fifa 15 coins in the UK games sales list, this is the game since the sale to win the fifth consecutive and EA games in 2014, the year has 18 times to occupy the top of the UK sales, the top more than in 2013.
WiiU exclusive angel siren hunting 2 starting this week ranked seventh. Because the WiiU sales situation is not ideal in Britain, the ranking should already be nintendo's quite a success. Last December, WiiU flagship Mario 3 d world, starting in 14th place only in the UK.
Other games, the evil spirit possessed fell to third, Destiny climbed to fourth, fifth shadow mordor, unowned prequel dropped to sixth, horizon 2 ranked eighth, special-shaped isolation, 9 small dragon spyro trap team ranked tenth.
And my world PS4 edition after sale and increased 82% this week, ranking rose to the second.
PC game "beyond the earth civilization empire" starting ranked 18, of course, it is probably related to list is not included in the digital version of the sales.

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