Recovery,. For two.

2013 was the best year two people could ever ask for. It all started with an alcoholic and a addict. This girl and guy decided enough was enough. It was time for a change. They both signed themselves into treatment,coming from two totaly different places in minnesota. In march of 2013 two people met in a hopeless place, little to know this was going to change the rest of their lives.

After long stares and little high school flirty gestures, the addict decided he was going to tell this alcoholic how he felt. Unexpectedly she replied with, I thought you'd never ask. She had felt the same way. The bond between them was indescribable. Like a friendship thats lasted a decade. They were inseparable

It came time for him to leave, he had graduated the program, but it wasnt over. He waited for her. Two weeks later she was out, she had graduated the program, and he joined her that day. Through some trials and tribulations 4 months later, they were signing a lease for there first apartment together.

Three months later, the night of a full moon they walked the coast of lake mille lacs. He sat her down and explained that she has been the best thing that has ever happened to him, and how unconditional the love is he has for her, he wants to be lovers and best friends and that he couldnt bare the thought of not having her forever. He pulled out a small box, opened it and said Jaqui will you marry me?? She cried yes and he held her in his arms.

It is now january of 2014 and we are almost 1 year sober. Together we did the impossible. We both beat our addictions and proved everyone wrong. They say you cant find love in a hopeless place. But we did it. And most of all we did it together. 2013 was a year to never forget.

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