Fidel Castro

Cubas Notorious Dictator

          The Man Himself

Fidel Castro was born near Biran Cuba on August 13, 1926. At age 17 Fidel changed his name from Ruz to Castro. He grew up wealthy amidst the poverty of Cuba's civilians and was interested in sports above school. He then entered law school at the University of Havana and joined the political world. He joined an effort to overthrow Rafael Trujillo and became immersed in social justice in 1947. Castro began to lead military campaigns in 1958 throughout Cuba and in the beginning of 1959 he successfully gained control of Cuba. He began his ruling by trying to end the U.S dominance over the country. This is what began the friction between the U.S and Cuba. The conflicts continued to increase over the years. The Cuban missile crisis in 1961 was a huge turning point in the relationship between the two countries. The problems between these country still continue to this day. In 1991 Castro's momentum began to slow down and 85 of Cuba's markets vanished. Several years of leadership resulted in his declining health. he underwent gastrointestinal surgery in 2006. 2 years later on Febuary 19th he finally gave up his position due to his health conditions, he was 81 years old at the time. He has not died yet and is still considered a throng political force even though he is not involved in the decision making of his country.

              Fidel Castro                                Speaks

Dear Juan

Castro has been slowly easing out of the whole flow of the current events and is resigning from his past duties. people have been concerned and questionable about Castro's health and well being since the 90's. He went under major surgery in 2006 and at 81 years old in 2008 he handed over his presidency to his brother Raul who was 76. Then in 2011 He finally stepped down from his position in Cuba's communist party. To this day he holds great political power regardless of his position currently. He also continues to meet with other world leader at the age of 88.

Journal Entry

Fidel Castro is interviewed in this video. He projects a humble and calm voice which is the opposite of what most people would expect from a dictator. He seems to have a strong point of view in the social aspects of the world and also seems to enjoy communicating with the people around the globe and Canada. He could perhaps be using a technique to try and make you believe he is a good figure. He holds an interesting atmosphere around him which I am sure his people recognize and support. Certainly not would I would have expected from a notorious dictator. He seems to have lots of support around the world besides the United States. As a result of the ongoing friction between the two countries.

Essential question

How does Castro's unique character as a dictator compare and contrast from other famous historical leaders?

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