Lexi Byerly

Tough Questions
March 24, 2015

A "tough question" that ran through my mind was why is this girl so hated by everyone she use to know? As of right now, I still don't know her name or any of her back story to why this is going on. I wish I could of known this once the book started but, the way this is already set up makes me want to come back for more! She refers to herself as an "outcast", I wonder why? I wonder if she's always felt this way or it's something new? As I read on she USE to have friends and she thought of them as "the Plain Jane's", very simple, but at least she did have friends, right?! A quote from the books says; "There is no point looking for my ex-friends. Our clans, the Plain Jane's, has splintered and the pieces are being absorbed by rival factions", I wonder what all that even means? To me it sounds like something terrible happened between all of them and now they just are ignoring each other if their lives depended on it. Also, one of the "ex-friends", Rachel, caught this unamed girls eye and mouthed the words "I hate you" to her, was it something this girl did? I NEED to find out! Time to investigate.

Memorable Moment
March 25, 2015

As I continued to read I started to figure out what was going on, Melinda had friends of nine years and something terrible between them happened. I'm not sure what yet but I will find out, it must be terrible having friends for so long and them ending up hating you or disliking you in any way, shape, or form. It's really sad. Maybe they'll work things out? Or maybe not, but I'm sure hoping for the best!

Tough Question
March 25, 2015

This book has been getting pretty interesting, finding out more and more information and putting it all together. But, as I was reading I stumbled across that Melinda and her family have this system, a way of communicating. They talk to each other through sticky notes left on their counter? I mean that's okay and all but I wonder if they ever talk? Because, when Melinda's father got home she was down in her living room and once she heard him she bolted upstairs? I wonder why this type of stuff is going on between them? I hope they do end up eventually start talking.

March 26, 2015
Again and Again

I always see Melinda say something about how things use to be? Why? I really want to know what has happened between her and her "friends" that is making her feel like this, it's starting to give me anxiety, I just want to know what happened to these girls and why they're being so mean to poor Melinda. She said she use to be like Heather, what does that mean anyway? Did her personality change and then all of her friends didn't like the new Melinda so they dumped her? What is it?! This poor girl is afraid of being seen or doing anything because of these girls, why? The big question here is why?

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