Welcome to Mesopotamia!

By: Kallie Shannon

Why Should I Move to Mesopotamia?

Do you want to see new things that you never saw before? Then come visit Mesopotamia! The land between 2 rivers! The land between Iran and Syria! The home of the wheel! So come to Mesopotamia!

Why do you want to live here? You want to live there because the city-states will work together to get something done. Won't that be great! Working together will get you to know each other better. We also have a great Irrigation systems such as levees, and aqueduct.

Another reason you should live there is you could learn about astronomy and cuneiform. Then you could get a job being a teacher and teach cuneiform to people who don't know it. You could learn about the culture there. Then you could learn about King Sargon and how he got such a strong army, and how Hammarabi's laws effected people.

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