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Australian Stereotypes & Voices


A stereotype is widely held and fixed simple idea about a group of people or something. A stereotype is a generalisation of something, its an uneducated assumption that is made. For example, a stereotype of Australians is that all Australians eat vegemite. Another stereotype of Australians is that all Australians live by the beach. However, while some people do live by the beach and some Australians do eat vegemite it doesn't mean that everyone does. While Australia has beautiful beaches and people have beachfront houses but it isn't possible that everyone can live by the beach, a large percentage people actually live inland. Also, vegemite is an Australian product and is very common in Australia however while a lot of people like vegemite and eat it, a large percentage dislike it and wont eat it.

Another issue concerned with stereotypes is that it can be very damaging to groups or individuals. A group of people that have damaging stereotypes associated with them is 'homeless people'. When seeing homeless people, humanity assumes the worst. People believe that someone is homeless due to drugs, alcohol or gambling, however this may not be the case. Many people are homeless due to poverty, divorce and child abuse. This can be damaging because it is harder for them to get a job or get help because assume the worst and believe that they are criminals or lazy and are not worth helping.


In Australia there is 3 main different accents. These three accents are:

- Cultivated Australian Accent: Spoken by 10% of the population. Usually used by women wanting to portray a feminine and sophisticated image. People who use this accent generally do this to seem more important or to have more power.

- General Australian Accent: Spoken by 80% of the population. This accent is a mix between cultivated and broad Australian accent.

- Broad Australian Accent: Spoken by 10% of the population. It is generally associated with Australian masculinity. The accent has a great deal of cultural credibility, however is not generally spoken by women.

I believe that I have a general Australian accent. In a way I believe that it shows that I am a typical Australian.