Zhou Dynasty 1122 bce -256 bce

  • some accomplishments are developed technology for irrigation, drainage, waterways, canals, dikes, and dams.The most significant achievement of the Zhou Dynasty was the development of the Chinese philoophies, including Confcianism, Daoism, and Legaism.some people are Shang Dynasty,King wu.
  • The first dinstay  to unite most of China under a single goverment was the Zhou Dynasty. In 771  b.c. Zhous king was killed by invading barbarians who were allied with rebel lords. The capital was moved eastward to Luoyang in present-day Henan Province. The Zhou dynasty lasted longer than any other, from 1027 to 221 BC. Taoism was introduced by another famous philosopher lao tzu. He introduced the concept of the yin and the yang.

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