Reflection Chapter 3

Samantha L., Period 6

1. In Chapter 3, I learned how to write code to display string, or text, on a form. I learned how to code buttons so that the enter button will activate them. I learned how to change string into integers, and how to use variables. I learned how to write a pop up screen for the form's load screen. I also learned how to use a tick bar, and how to clear a screen when new data is being inputted.

2. This lab shows that I learned how to use variables and put them as integer. I learned how to display the data in the right label and format, and how to change string to integer. I learned how to assign a number to a variable. I learned how to use mathematical operations with variables.

3. a) Something that was difficult from this chapter was matching the different codes and objects to the variables. It was hard to find which conversion was the right conversion for the variables.

b) How I worked through it was by trying different conversions with different variables until I find the right one. Then when I see a variable the same type or similar properties, I apply that conversion to it.  

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