Do you really only use 10 percent of your brain?

 People have many times said that an individual is only using up to 10 percent of their brain, and not the full 100 percent that is available. Many people have said "you know you're only using 10 percent of your brain. Just imagine what you could accomplish if you used the other 90 percent". The statement about using only 10 percent of your brain, is 100 percent a myth and you actually use all of your brain. The only way an individual does not use all of his/her brain is due to an injury such as brain damage, diseases, etc. This myth has been dated back to the 1900's, and is still to this day remains popular and persistent. The 2014 movie Lucy is based off of that myth.

   After reading this article, It gave me a clear insight of the myth. Neuroscientists also pointed out many reasons to support why this is a myth. One of them states that "we would not have evolved such large brains if we were only using a small portion of them". Personally, even without knowing for a fact it was a myth I would still believe the same. 10 percent out of a 100 of brain usage is a very small percent. The movie Lucy was a very interesting movie based off of the myth, but it is also important to know that none of that is true. I find it interesting that humans have such large brains and use all of it, in many different ways.

   This article is related to psychology simply because psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions. This article is about the human brain and what percent you actually do use of it.

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