drug misuse

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drug misuse is when you use someone elses perstriction or take more than you normal. if you misuse drugs  you could overdose and die or have a stroke

if you misuse you would to u should call your doctor or a pharmacist

Drug Abuse is when you use a drug that you don't need. The causes of that are, you can go to jail, you can die, get sick, it can effect your reactions.

People who are on heroine are pale and when they get old there wrinkley and weird looking, they look poor.

ADICTED to drugs is like you always have to have them all the time and if not you could not  do any thing right or u dont feel like yourself without it and you could become obease  or have other eating disorder

physical dependence

the bodys chemical need for a drug if a person with a physical dependence  sombody stops taking the drug he or she will quickly in to withdrawal.

psychological dependence

Psychological Dependency is when a person has an emotional or mental need for the drug. That person will crave the drug, and won't think they can get along without it.


the negitive symptoms that result when drug dependenc persone go cold turky  they have head aches and u feel sick.

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