Email Etiquette

By Gabie Lockard

Here are some tips on email etiquette

1. Be short and get to the point.

Do not make an e-mail longer than it needs to be. And sometimes a long e-mail can be discouraging to read. Plus if its a really long email the person your sending your message to might get confused and not get the point your trying to say.

2. Don't text in all CAPITALS.

IF YOU WRITE IN CAPITALS IT SEEMS AS IF YOU ARE SHOUTING. This can be annoying and might trigger an unwanted response. Therefore, try not to send any email text in capitals.

3. Don't attach unwanted files.

By sending large attachments you can annoy people and even bring down their e-mail system. And sometimes if you send attachments it can possibily send people unwanted virus's.

4. Reread the email before you send it.

If you don't reread the email before you send it, you might send it with some unwanted grammar and punctuation errors and that might be confusing to other people.

5. Do not copy or attach a message without permission.

If you copy a message you're not suppose to you have to be careful for copy write reasons.

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