Slender Loris

Lives in a rainforest

Rainforests are in Northeastern South  Ame rica, Northeastern Austrailia,  Southwestern Africa, Southeastern Asia.

A Slender Loris would probably adapt during a Rapid Process because if it's a fire it could adapt or die do to the fire or flood.

The climate that SL (Slender Loris) is in is Hot, muggy, and humid.

Fun Fact: The Slender Loris is poisonous, the elbows are the part of it's body that's poisonous.

Some things Slender Loris eat are insects and small animals such as birds and squirrels.

Fun Facts: The Slender Loris is endangered.

This is the food chain in the Slender Loris ecosystem

Five animals that live in the Slender Loris ecosystem are Toucans, Sloths, Boa Constricter, Tree Snail, and a Morpho Butterfly.

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