My favorite Season

By: Allie M. Burkhalter

      For the first time in a while I haven’t smelt that sweet smell of those flowers blooming. I couldn’t believe that it was that time that we could go outside, and play all these cool games. With that refreshing breeze. I haven’t smelt that cut grass in forever! I can finally not get sick so much like the last season, I could finally smell!

          I could see all the leaves on the trees, with their swinging vines all over the place. I finally saw color instead of white everywhere with no color, I see all these wonderful colors! Its so amazing what you’ve missed for a lot of months inside. Finally green grass and the blue skies, and a bright yellow sun. Colorful birds returning from a long winters stay

       I love the birds singing joyful tweets. I hear the leaves as the wind blows, and lawn mowers mowing the fresh new grass. I love the sound of the sprinklers watering all the new grass, and the sound of a leather glove catching a brand new baseball. The sounds of a new beginning is my favorite thing. I love hearing all the dogs in the backyard excitedly barking and running around.

      My dad firing up the grill for the first time and tasting the juicy hamburgers. I love Easter that brings candy and sweet chocolate that melts in my mouth. I love the taste of hot dogs at a baseball games. The fresh apple crisp that my mom bakes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. The taste of s’mores at night sitting around the fire pit.

     This season is so uplifting to me because of the cool breeze flowing through my hair. I am energized every morning to jump out of bed. I am motivated by the nice weather to go outside and enjoy spending time with my family. I feel so free as I jump on my trampoline.

      In my favorite season the new day can be rainy, sunny, cool, warm, or stormy. I love this season so much and this is why I have chosen to write about it.

By: Allie M. Burkhalter.

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