Explore an issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society.

In the documentary Super Size Me directed by Morgan Spurlock presents a dangerous issue affecting contemporary society. This issue is obesity and is slowly on a rise because of the fast food industries. Fast food industries are basically in every country and there is a large amount of it too. In the documentary Morgan Spurlock completes his 30 day trial/experiment to show the effects of what McDonald's food can do to your physical and emotional health. Many people around the world go and eat fast-food because they are simply too lazy to cook a meal for themselves, this then becomes a common habit for them, which affects their health because of the lack of nutrients and healthy substances that they are not consuming.

There are many reasons why so many people are becoming overweight or obese, some of these reasons are because they have an inactive lifestyle, lack of energy balance, genes and family history. Overweight and obesity happen overtime when you take in more calories than you use. It may state that it happens overtime but once you start eating unhealthy foods you become unhealthy straight away and also become addicted to all the fat, salts, grease and sugars that are been processed within the foods. This all happens because they become lazy to do 'home' cooking so the replacement is fast food(s).


Many people are also becoming overweight or obese because of the parenting for children. Parents are letting their kids have fast food when they are young and they are getting younger as generations go on. Because the kids who have fast food would then love it they would then want more of it, so then they start to complain and take a tantrum(s) because they are simply not getting what they want. The parents then buy their kids more fast food to keep them 'happy', this later makes the kids overweight or obese because their whole life they always having fast food and never any healthy food(s). By eating fast food at a young age they become unfit and with no physical activity what so ever, this becomes a serious issue that is extremely dangerous to your health (physically and emotionally).

There are many ways people can prevent/stop being overweight or obese. You can follow a healthy eating plan, focus on your portion size, be active (even if its little steps at a time). If you become healthier there won't be any problems in the future or you will not hurt yourself severely. So just keep healthy and fit (its better to be safe then sorry).

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