Conflict In Pakistan Over the Indian Border

Tackk by Kaitlyn Funk

Article: "Military Action, Diplomatic Threats Between India and Pakistan in Kashmir by Rishi Iyengar


MLA Citation: Iyengar, Rishi. "Military Action, Diplomatic Threats Between India and Pakistan in Kashmir." TIME. 10 Oct. 2014. Web. 3 May 2015.

Article Overiew: This article disscusses the conflict in Pakistan regarding its border with India. The article explains that there has been an escalation of conflict between the two countries recently. This is concerning considering that both countries have access to nuclear weapons. The border conflict has been escalating and has become extremely violent. In the midst of this war over a border are the civilians who are feeling the impact of the conflict in hundreds of their deaths and having to flee their homes. This war has come to a border standoff between India and Pakistan at Pakistan's border with Kashmir. As the conflict continues Pakistan's government will become increasingly unstable and will only worsen the conflict with India and will thus become a larger threat to the citizens living in villages near the border.


1) Who are the main opponents?

The Pakistinian military and the the Kashmirian military.

2) Are any other countries involved?

No, just Pakistan and India are involved in this border conflict.

3) How is the conflict being conducted?

The border conflict has been conducted by heavy shelling, bombings and terrorist attacks.

4) What was the cause of the conflict.

The conflict over the border of Pakistan has been a long standing arguement since the Parition 1947 was created. This partition split India into two seperate countries, Pakistan and India. Ever since this partition was created it has lead to violence and conflict over where the true border is.

5) What efforts are being taken to solve the problem non-violently?

There has been some effort for negotions and talking between the two countires. India's Border Security Force has also denied having further flag meetings with Pakistinian official. Instead the Border Security Force has asked the Ministries of Home and External Affairs to help solve the border conflict diplomatically (Iyengar). These non-violent efforts have been largely unsuccessful. The lack of success of the negotiations comes from both countries being unable to cooperate to come to a peaceful solution, and thus the war and violence continues over the border. The only way that this issue can be solved is if one country become willing to give up some of their land or if both countries can agree upon a new border, which doesn't seem likely from how negotiations have been going so far.

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