All about drums and how people use them.

by Karie Bartlett

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In most cases it consists of a shell with a stretched skin or covering. when the covering. It hits with a hand or a stick ,it vibrates and makes a sound.One form-called a slit drum-does not have a covering. It is made by hollowing out a log through a slit.all drums are percussion instruments.


They are often shaped like a tube, a barrel, or an hourglass. They can be small enough to be held in a hand or larger than a person. The covering can be attached by several methods. It might be attached by pegs, nails, glue, buttoning, or by wrapping a cord or wire around the part that hangs over the side. Drums can have one or more heads. The shell can be made of wood, metal, or pottery.


Some drums are used in religious ceremonies, others in military processions, and some even to send messages. As musical instruments they are used in modern Western orchestras, where the large kettledrums are called timpani. Timpani can be tuned, or adjusted to produce a particular tone. Other drums cannot be tuned but are used to provide rhythm to go along with dancing and singing. Popular music bands use a variety of drums to provide rhythm or particular sounds.

percussion instrument

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