The Food at Masada

Ancient Palestinian munchies

All of these foods have been eaten in Palestine since ancient times.

Masada is located in present day Israel which, until 1948, was Palestine.


Hummus was eaten very often because the ingredients were very easy to obtain.

Hummus means chickpeas in Arabic

Hummus is popular throughout the Middle East

Follows Jewish dietary laws

Part of everyday meals

Usually served warm


Hashweh was a fairly common dish because it is made with ingredients that were almost always in a Palestinian kitchen even though some of the spices were from Asia.

The meat was lamb in ancient times

Hashweh can easily feed large groups

Sometimes served with yogurt mixed in

Can be served with pine nuts

Served warm


Mujaddarah is usually eaten by the poor unless meat is added, it is then a celebration dish.

Mujaddarah means pockmarked in Arabic, referring to the lentils

Most ingredients were easily obtainable

Several ancient texts talked about mujaddarah being eaten by the poor

Very nutritious


Za'atar is a popular spice throughout the Middle East

A combination of herbs, sesame seeds and spices

Usually eaten at breakfast

Can be eaten as a snack

Said to increase joint health and make people smarter

Also used in medicine

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