The Connecticut Colony

By Peyton & Courtney

The Most Revolutionary Colony

F. Matzow, Connecticut Landscape, (see below)

As you can see, Connecticut is truly a land of beauty. The name Connecticut comes from a phrase from a friendly Indian tribe, that means; “River whose water is driven by tides or winds.”

The Connecticut Colony

Looking for a place to start your life anew? Do you want to make money in a way other than farming? Do you want to reconnect with nature's beauties? The Connecticut Colony is the most revolutionary colony in the new world. With breathtaking water features (See above) thriving with fish, lobsters, clams, and oysters to eat and whales to hunt, plenty of trees to use to build houses and ships, wheat and corn to farm, lots of job opportunities, and more, the Connecticut Colony is truly the most revolutionary and advanced colony of its kind.

Livestock, whales, timber and timber products, copper, maple syrup, horses, squash and pumpkins, various alcoholic products like beer, rum, and whiskey, beans, as well as various shellfish are all a mere glimpse of everything Connecticut has to offer. Many other colonies lack natural resources, unlike Connecticut, which is thriving with trees, water bodies, and mountains for mining. Connecticut also makes most of England's ships. In Connecticut disease is significantly less common than in other colonies, we also build lots of ships, which England buys a lot of. Connecticut is certainly the best place to be for wealth.

Come to Connecticut, the most revolutionary colony.


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