By: Simone Alvares

Neon is a Noble Gas.  This is what Neon looks like on the periodic table:

Element symbol: Ne

Atomic Number: 10

Mass Number: 20

Net Charge: 0 (Never becomes an Ion)

Number of Protons: 10

Number of Electrons: 10

Number of Neutrons: 10

Physical Properties:

  • Neon is a colorless gas
  • Neon exhibits an orange-red glow when placed in a high voltage electric field
  • Neon is a tasteless gas
  • Its density low at 0.89994 grams
  • Neon is odorless

Chemical Properties:

  • Neon is chemically inactive
  • Neon is produced by the fractionation of air
  • Under low pressure Neon glows

The melting point of Neon is -248.6 °C (24.549994 K, -415.48 °F)

The boiling point of Neon is -246.1 °C (27.049994 K, -410.98 °F)

The freezing point is -415.5°F (-248.6°C)

Common uses of Neon:

  • Used in advertising signs
  • Neon is also used to make high voltage indicators
  • Neon is combined with helium to make helium-neon lasers
  • Liquid neon is used as a cryogenic refrigerant

Fun Facts:

  • Neon is relatively rare on our planet, neon is the fifth most abundant element in the universe
  • Neon has no stable compounds
  • Neon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe
  • Neon means "new one"

Advertising sign that has Neon

This is a model of the atom Neon

This is Neon when it is under low pressure

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