Video Production

Session 1

We learned about the basic operation of a camcorder. Also we learned about the basic camera movements. Then we wrote and recorded a news report.

Session 2

in this session we edited our news brief. also we examine different types of video productions. also we learned about analolog editing.

Session 3

we learned the purpose of storyboards. also we did a storyboard of our own public service announcement. then explored communication technology.

Session 4

Explore communication technology. Also we videotaped our public service announcement. Then we edited it.

Session 5

We explored how video is used to influence people. Also we wrote and story-boarded a commercial.

Session 6

We explored the history of video. Also we recorded our commercial.

Session 7

We explored FCC regulations. Also merged together each individual video clips created during this module. Then we burned our final production to CD.

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