God of Sun

Helios is the Greek god of sun(helios is also know as Sol Invictus.) He is the Guardain of oaths and the god gift of sight . Helios rides on a chariot that is drawn by four horses.  

Helios was recognized as a Beardless man clothed in purple or red robes. Crowned with the shinning Aureole of sun.

Helios " Rises from a golden palace beneath the sea and drives his fiery chariot". Across the sky brightening the day  

Hyperion was the father of Helios he was the god  of light .Thea was his mother she was the Goddess " form whom light emanates". Thea was also the sister of Hyperion Helios's sister Selena was the goddess of  the moon. Eos his other sister was the Goddess of dawn . Helios was married to Perse and had  his four children Aeetes, Crice, Pasiphae and Phaeton
Fun Fact
Helios's son Phaeton tried driving his chariot and crashed it setting earth on fire. Zeus struck him down with a thunderbolt

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