Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield is a great place for tourists to come and visit.


The climate of the Canadian Shield is different from the climate in Alberta. In the Canadian Shield , there are short cold winters and long hot summers . In the southern part, there are very cold snowy winters, while the summers are warm and long. The southern part of the Canadian Shield gets lots of rain and snow each year. The Northern part gets very little rain and snow each year. Since the Canadian Shield is so big the temperature changes a lot.

Natural Landscape

The Canadian Shield is such a beautiful place as you can see in the picture below.

Vegetation and Soil

This region has lots of precipitation in Quebec and Labrador, which makes a good growing season. The Northern Boreal Forest covers the northern part of this region, and most of the forests in this region are coniferous. Overall, there are many different kinds of trees, including White and Black Spruce, Jack Pine, Balsam, Fir and Tamarack. Also, there are some deciduous trees, which include Ash, Alter, Birch and Poplar. This region has a short growing season, which produces short skinny trees. The soil is also very boggy and farming areas are isolated, so farming is not a major industry in this region


The Canadian Shield is a large area of exposed Precambrian igneous and high-grade metamorphic rocks. The igneous rock in the Shield contains copper, gold, zinc, iron ore, nickel and uranium. There are at least 140 mining sites in the Shield, and the dug up minerals are transported to the Manufacturing Core. When a mine is closed, the town around it is useless, and it is closed as well.


Human Activity

There are five major recreational activities in the Canadian Shield, and they are boating, dogsled riding, fishing, hunting, and cross country skiing.

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Natural Disasters

In the Canadian Shield there a lot of natural disasters but there are some like mini earthquakes, tsunami's, volcanoes and sometimes there are floods.

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