Personalized Pens For Business – The New Way To Get Into People’s Good Books

When you plan a promotional giveaway for your business, the sole aim of the entire activity is to build your brand and try to get into the good books of potential customers and associates. Managers and marketers are always looking for new and more innovative ways for getting their company name out in front of potential customers. Then there is the aspect of appeasing existing customers, company associates and employees with free gifts. All in all, promotional items play a huge role in the overall marketing strategy of any business. No matter how big or small, companies across the world are utilising this tactic and reaping many benefits from it.

When the task comes to selecting which item will be used as a promotional gift, nothings seems to be a more powerful option than a pen. A pen is used by potentially everybody, from kids to adults, from workers to professionals. Personalised pens can be a simple and potent means of getting your brand across in front of people and making it an inseparable part of their lives. Used every day by millions of workers, they are always at people's fingertips and will therefore be one of the first names they recall when your business is required. You cannot hope to find a better branding medium than this!

If you too are planning a promotional giveaway with personalised pens, here are a few aspects that you should bear in mind.

Ensure that your marketing message is clear

Think about the size of your promotional gift before finalising on the marketing message that will be printed on it. A pen is a small article as such and cramming up too much graphics and information on it will not solve your purpose. The company name and logo are important, but including the telephone number, email address and website might be too much. A better idea will be to offer your website address only from where a user can access the rest of your contact information easily.

The choice of colours is important

The colour of your personalised pen is an important consideration for two reasons. First of all, the base colour should allow your logo and message to shine out. Your marketing message should be prominently recognisable on the pen and the colour combination you are planning should depict that. Then, you must also consider the user who will be getting the pen as a gift. While a bright pink pen will be a hit with little girls, it might not sit too well with adult professionals. Think well before you select the colour and design.

Buy in bulk

There are many companies out there that deal in the services of manufacturing and printing personalised pens for corporate giveaways. Because you're paying for a custom print, many companies will reduce their cost per item when you place a larger order. Think about these cost aspects as well and go for bulk printing for best prices.

About The Author

Martha Castle is an expert marketer and new age advertising guru. She recommends using personalised promotional items and giveaways as an extremely effective strategy to reach out to customers and make an impact on their minds. Her articles are a great source of ideas for people looking to devise a marketing strategy for their business. Visit to know more about personalised pens.

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