"America Is Beautiful"

Coca-Cola is more than a beverage. The advertisement is about Coca-Cola. In the advertisement, many people from around the world are shown as enjoying, having fun, and simply being happy. America's anthem is used in the advertisement to portray that "American Is Beautiful". The intended audience of the advertisement is everyone, adults to kids, men to women, girls to boy.

The producers of the advertisement uses the Emotional Branding to depict people's feelings and their emotions. By consuming the product, the consumers feel happy and cheerful, they seem to be enjoying it. The advertisement displays the American way of life and it's diversity. Coke has brought everyone/relations together, it has created happiness in people's lives. Through media (television), commodities, through advertisements, Coca-Cola have become part of the viewers’ lives – by becoming relatable and as if an essential part of living and going through day-to-day activities.

The advertisement uses Popular Culture in many ways, post cards, billboards, holiday posters, fast food restaurants, theaters, etc. The product is mass produced and widely used around the world, not just in US. The advertisement reflects "leisure" which is a huge form of Popular Culture. The product is sold every place you can name. It has become global. The company promotes various causes, in which is saving the Polar Bears.  

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