Lymes Disease



Lyme's Disease is a bacteria called SPIROCHETES.When a person gets bit by a tick it can cause Lyme's Disease.


*You will feel tired and your body will ach.

*You will feel like you have the flu.

*You will develop a red circular rash called a Bulls-Eye rash by the tick bite.


If you stay in the woods or in long grass for a while you may get bitten by a tick.(Mostly with a T-Shirt and shorts) That is what causes Lyme's Disease.


Go to the doctor and if you have Lyme's Disease they will prescribe you Anantibiotic.So your body wont fell all achy and the side that you got bite on will be able to work!


If you are going to be in long grassy areas or in the woods make sure you cover up!

Fast Facts:

The rash can be as big as a Quarter- 10 IN. If you don't realize or go to the doctors soon enough you can't blink on the side you got bitten on or smile. June and July are the worst months for Ticks!