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What does a plastic surgeon do? They not only help enhance peoples appearances but, they help people who have been in an accident or have gone through a disease like cancer.  Plastic surgeons help people who are uncomfortable with their face and body gain back their loss of confidence.  They also help people who have been into accidents that has caused their normal features to mess up.  They help people who were born with deformities and malformed bone structure.                                                                                                                                         

Skill requirements: A plastic surgeon must be driven and focused. They must be able to under go years of learning and long work hours. They must be licensed medical doctors and trained in certain areas such as, patient interactions, trauma care. They must be experienced in specific areas like tissue transfer, body contouring, and laser surgery.  

Education Requirements: In order to become a plastic surgeon you must start with getting your bachelors degree in a pre-medical major such as biology or chemistry. Next you would move on to medical school to earn your Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or your Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), it takes four years to get through medical school and within the first two years the students will split their time between school work and laboratory work. The next two years they will spend in hospitals and health clinics to gain clinical experience. A popular school where you can become a plastic surgeon is Stanford University in California.

Salary Expectations: As and entry level surgeon you could earn up to $237,000 a year, but as a experienced top earning surgeon you could earn up to $820,000 a year. A plastic surgeon salary can change due to certain situations but it is still one of the most top paying jobs.

Is it hard to become a plastic surgeon? To become a plastic surgeon you must be dedicated and be ready to put forth hard effort. The schooling it takes to become a plastic surgeon is costly but you can use finical aid or student loans. Most people worry about being in debt due to student loans but if you become a successful plastic surgeon you can have them paid off with the amount of money you make.  

Similar Jobs: Due to the degree you would have in medicine you wouldn't have to be a plastic surgeon, you could be any sort of surgeon. Or you could work at hospitals, health clinics, you could be a nurse or a doctor. If went through medical school you could get any job within that area.

I personally wouldn't chose this career path due certain reasons such as I don't like cutting open peoples bodies and seeing all of their insides and blood. I also firmly believe that people shouldn't get plastic surgery for reasons such as they simply don't like the way they look. I believe if God wanted you to look a certain way why waist thousands of dollars to try and change it. I chose this career to do a project on because its a career you don't hear about everyday and you never hear about someone choosing this profession that often so I was curious as to what this job entailed.

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